Aurora House Monthly Pledge Drive

Help us reach our goal of $10,000 in monthly support



By making a commitment, YOU are providing Comfort, Dignity, Compassion, and Peace to our patients and their grieving families. Most of these patients and their families don’t have many other options. Help us today, and you will know that you are caring for some of the most vulnerable in our community at their time of final need.

Across the Globe, COVID-19 has disrupted lives and challenged us all to adapt to difficult circumstances. Aurora House has been hard hit as we were not able to gather for traditional in person fundraising events. Our two biggest events which were cancelled, should have covered several months operating expenses. To make things even worse, individual donations are down. We are calling on all of our friends and supporters to make a monthly pledge commitment. If enough of you can donate even a small amount each month, we can meet our goal. Our community needs us now more than ever, as already insecure families get back to work. Many will struggle with who keeps their job and who stays at home to care for a terminally ill loved one.

A monthly commitment from you provides:

Comfort– Many patients who come through our doors lack comfortable housing, they would otherwise be sharing crowded living quarters with little privacy and without basic necessities, such as central air or a private bed.

$500 a month will pay some of our utilities, insurance, taxes and building maintenance.

Dignity– When we take over the daily personal care, relationships within families are restored. We offer hands-on, nurturing care to relieve pain, stress, anxiety and isolation. We believe that ever moment and every gesture of comfort matters.

$100 a month will help us to pay the salaries of our Caregivers who provide support services.

Compassion– We address the social needs of a patient who is facing end of life. Our staff is compassionate to the entire family and helps to ease the emotional burdens faced by patients and their families. We share meals, stories, and direct families to community resources.

$50 a month would help us to defray the costs of PPE, cleaning and meals.

Peace- We embrace death and dying as a natural process, and each patient has a quiet private room. We are, with the help of community volunteer power, a place of emotional and spiritual support for the patients and their loved ones.

$20 a month helps us to manage volunteer programs for Music Therapy, Chaplain support, Service animal visits, Seasonal Celebrations, Memorial services and much more….

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Donate by Check

By writing a check to Aurora House and specify monthly pledge in the memo line. Mail check to PO Box 976, Weslaco, TX 78596

Give us a call, and we will handle the arrangements to have your account drafted once a month, in the amount that you specify.
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