Aurora House Center for Palliative Care

Aurora House Center for Palliative Care (AHC-PC) became a reality in 2010, thanks to a generous benefactor and grants from the Meadows Foundation and the Knapp Community Care Foundation. These two grants enabled not only the completion of the center, but the hiring of the center’s first Educational Coordinator and the implementation of our first programs – providing both didactic and clinical learning for nurses and nursing students throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

In May of 2017, Judy Pariser, RN joined our staff. Judy’s background in hospice and palliative care has enabled her to provided training for our staff and continue to train students from across the valley. Since 2010, over 2000 students have completed training in hospice and palliative care at Aurora House. In the last two years, we have opened our doors to students of social work as well, providing students the opportunity to experience the social workers’ role as it pertains to palliative and end of life care. As well, Aurora House Center for Palliative Care is licensed and able to provide continuing education to nurses, and to date has provided continuing education credit hours to 183 nurses.

Our Education Center has thus far impacted student from eight different institutions, ranging from high school students to masters-level students, in areas of both nursing and social work.

As new educational programs are developed, Aurora House Center for Palliative Care will continue to be a resource for not just our staff and students, but for the general community as well. Funding through grants and donations is necessary to maintain the education center and the operation of its programs. The funding required to maintain the Aurora House Center for Palliative Care is separate from the on-going needs of Aurora House, and all donations are appreciated.